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Tural Bayev

Tural Bayev

Founder, CEO of Swapp Technologies

Our Story

As professionals creating and attending events, we couldn’t find an easy-to-use platform that streamlined the event planning process. While there were many event management tools in the market, none had everything we envisioned and — even worse — many of them priced small- and medium-sized companies out of the market.

Bottom line: every new tool that we added to our event planning process turned out to be yet another headache for us to juggle.

We wanted one tool/platform that could at least offer both event organizers AND attendees:

  1. Attendee Profiles
  2. Attendee Engagement
  3. Marketing Automation
  4. CRM Integration
  5. Messaging and Community Building
  6. AI-Based Matchmaking
  7. Lead Generation
  8. Attendee Reward System
  9. Event Analytics

…all while being affordable.

To embody our vision, we created EventsToo.

We are in full launch mode today and have over 500 users already signed up. We have 7 full-time developers (in our office) and 5 other full-time staffers to both serve you and help market our product. We have an enormous vision for the future of our company and are therefore inviting you to join 500+ users to see for yourself how EventsToo is a game changer in the world of event planning and management.

Sign up today to get early access to our platform and join our founders club for both exclusive deals and enhanced functionality!

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